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I’d like to say Nem Chua Ran/Nem Chua Rán (Fried Sour Roll) is one of the best Vietnamese dishes that you can’t resist.
You can find Nem Chua Ran in any corners of Hanoi, especially in front of high schools. 1 roll may cost you 5000-7000 VND, it’s up to the reputation of the brands/stalls. So, if you order 10 rolls it just take you 2 dollars but can make you full like…dead :v 
Nem Chua Ran is made from cured pork with shredded pork skins, and then be covered with… some kind of Panko, and the cook deep fries it all in oil.
Frequently Be served with sweet chili sauce. You should order some slices of fresh cucumber, or mango, or jicama to balance the flavor, too.
Most famous Nem Chua Ran is available at Tạm Thương Lane, Hàng Bông Street, Hanoi. (I like Bà Già Stall, at No.38 Hàng Bông. And Winter is the most suitable time to try this dish.)
(Sorry for my terrible English)
I’m just starving for Nem chua rán =p~
Picture by Muachung

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